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Sunday, January 29, 2006


Today I watched TV program about immigration by NHK.
It said that many developed countries have to accept millions of immigrants to compensate the working population because of decreasing population.
The program introdused many Ethiopian people immgrating to Isreal and a young Israeli man trying to immigrate to Germany.
Ethiopians complained about treatment after they immigrated. They said the government helped them to immigrate, but do nothing for them after they came to Israel. Also descrimination because of color do exsist in schools and works.
A young Israeli man was objected by his mother. She didn't want her son to go to Germany because her family experienced terrible massacre of Jewish people by the Nazis. She said that what immigrants in German experiencing now is what Jews experienced by the Nazis.
They have different reasons for immigration, such as economic, politic, and so on.
They are desperate to live.
They are trying hard to find the place to live.
I think Japanese are losing the meaning of work and life.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Switzerland - Language

Switzerland is very diversity country.
People there speak many different languages. There are four national languages there. They are German, French, Italian, and Rhaeto Rumantsch. Also many foreigners have brought their own languages to the country, such as English.
In 1848, the constitution only enshrined German, French, and Italian. But by 1996, the language Rumantsch with very few speakers was added to them. Like this, the govenment showed that they are willing to support the minoruty languages.
But in kanton level, people are not satisfied with language policy. The problem is education. Each kanton has to decide which two languages to teach. They can decide from English, German, French, and Italian. Rumantsch is not included in these. Rumantsch has already started decreasing its population, so they will lose more. Also, for the people who are not German speaker, it is hard to spend a life without German. To work, they have to be able to speak German. So if Italian speaking kanton chooses to teach English and German, children in the kanton will not be able to speak their mother tongue Italian.
From the government level, Switzerland is successful in language policy, but in kanton level, the language problems exist.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Okinawan and Ainu

Okinawan people and Ainu people are very much alike in some ways.
First, both of them have similar features. For example, they are not so tall but have muscular bodies. And their faces are dark, with big eyes, a bulbous nose, thick lips, and thick hair.
Secondly, they are in the same kind of circumstances. Okinawan people used to be independent and have their own culture. But the Satsuma clan invaded and occupied the Ryukyu kingdom and then Okinawa became a part of japan. In the same way, Ainu people used to have their own life, language, and culture but they were colonized by Japan.
Thirdly, both Okinawan and Ainu live in the edge of Japan. Okinawan people live in the southernmost part of Japan, and Ainu people live in the northernmost part of Japan.
I have heard that Ainu people feel friendly toward Okinawan people. Although they live far away from each other, because of these similarities, I think they feel so close.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

What do you imagine from Okinawa?

What do you imagine from Okinawa?

Beautiful sea? Resort? Tropical weather?

Or US military bases?

Okinawa makes up only 0.6% of Japan's land mass.
Okinawa has 75% of all US military bases in Japan.
Okinawan people have to stand all the noises from combat planes.
More than 100 Okinawan girls have been raped by GIs since the reversion of Okinawa to Japan in 1972.
Henoko faces military crisis and environmental destruction.
Dugongs are in danger of losing their beautiful home.

Isn't this discrimination?
Why do only Okinawan people have to suffer?

What do you imagine from Okinawa?
What do you think about Okinawa?
What do you know about Okinawa?

Monday, November 14, 2005

Exchange students

In my campus, there are many foreign exchange students. But many Japanese students do not know about them.
Do you know why?
Because they are mainly from China or Korea. They are ethnically close to us, so many Japanese students cannot distinguish them just by appearance.
I am a member of a club "FC INT'L". This club is to have chances to exchange with foreign students. We are plannning to have some exchange activities with them.
Since then I have many echange student friends. I was an exchange student to the United States, so I think I can understand how they feel. I would like to be their help to have wonderful experience in Japan.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Japanese couple talking in English

Last week, I went to Tokyo Disney Land with my boyfriend. Since both of us have experienced one year in the US, we sometimes talk in English. So we were talking in English as usual. But some people looked at us strangely because we look like JAPNESE but talikn in ENGLISH!! What's wrong with it? In the US, because there are many races there, this kind of thing is normal. But in Japan, it's not. I didn't care about what people think about us speaking in English, but I was kind of upset, you know. Japan still has a difficulties accepting different things.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

My Mongolian Sister

Yesterday, I met my Mongolian sister. It had been more than two years since we saw each other last time. She was my host sister when I was in America. We shared room, went to the same school, and we were always together. After she went back to her home country, she said, she had a very hard time getting used to her old life. Study, family, friends, and everything was different from what it used to be. She is a very smart girl. While she was in Mongolia, she got scholarships to study in Blgaria and another country. But because of finacial problems she couldn't go. Then, finally she found a scholarship from Japanese government, and came to Japan. She now lives in Osaka and goes to school to learn Japanese. It has been just 7 months since she came here in Japan, but her Japanese was wonderful. In her school, there are many studets from many countries. Other than school study, they experience Japanese culture. She showed me her pictures in Kimono, Yukata, and dancing Bon-dance. She also has been to Kagawa, Beppu, Ishikawa and so on, these are places I've never been to. She said Japan is a lot different from what she expected, costs, fashion, trains, and everything. Her activity always surprises me, and at the same I'm so proud of her being so active.